NAPHA Trail Test program


Great News!!!

NAPHA has announced a new (to us) program focused on the Peruvian Paso as a trail horse!  We are joining a Trail Horse Test program created bu the Paso Fino Horse Association and will use their rules and initially their judge.  The tests are open to all breeds.

This is not a competitive trail obstacle course, but a measure of your horse's abilities to complete the tasks normally performed before, during, and after a trail ride.  The elements of the test are what we expect from a well-trained Peruvian pleasure horse.

The program is also a great opportunity for both adult amateurs and juniors to connect with like-minded horse owners in a healthy, non-competitive atmosphere.  We want to share the joys of horse ownership and the skills of our pleasure horses.

The Trail Program is centered around a grading system, which will categorize tested horses as Junior, Senior and Master.  The testing will be done over two days, the first being a demonstration of the requirements and practice, and the second being the actual testing.  Testing will cover typical tasks required of the trail horse and rider such as loading and unloading, grooming, tacking, groundwork, as well as mounted maneuvers like turns, side pass, etc....  Owners of registered Peruvian horses who pass the test may have the level of certification printed on their horse's registration.  The test has now been posted on the NAPHA website:

The schedule of testing is posted on the NAPHA website with the closest to our area being College Station, TX in November.  Sooner State is currently working on a 2019 date.  There will be continual updates to the site as more clubs decide to host a test.


sooner state hosted trail test

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