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Sooner State Peruvian Paso
Horse Club

About Us

Mission Statement


Sooner State Peruvian Paso Horse Club's purpose shall be to preserve and improve the Peruvian Paso breed of horse.  The club shall endeavor to educate and inform the public regarding the history and unique attributes of the Peruvian Paso horse; as well as to foster and promote the interest of youth in Peruvian Paso horses, encouraging their participation in all organization activities.  Be it known that the charter of this club is to provide a show that encourages family participation and activities.  The show environment shall be one in which all levels of riders may compete comfortably and at the same time shall be a venue where professional breeders may proudly display their horses.

Horse Show, 2019


The SSPPHC's annual horse show will be held in Duncan, Oklahoma over the Memorial Day weekend (May 24-26) . This will be a double show held in conjunction with Camino Real Horse Club. 

Judges for the show will be:  The Honorable Rolando Garcia (Sooner State) and  The Honorable Janic Arllentar (Camino Real)

Board of Directors


President:  Naomi Scull

Vice President:  Frank Scull

Secretary:  Joyce Russell

Treasurer:  Peter Arnold